Thursday, 5 June 2008

Workspace melt down!

So on the weekend I started this cute little dress (anything that goes with tights is my theme at the moment for my 100 outfits!) and was getting into the white collared, white cuffs of the black dress, quite 'maid' like but thought it would be cute as I love black dresses and it's a different kind of look.

I sat down with a cup of tea at the machine, and got a bit into sewing, but my workspace has gotten extremely messy and a little dusty in places and so there was little space to put my cuppatea, and after a little shuffling around I SPILT half a cup of tea over the desk, and it went under the machine (luckily not IN IT) and also luckily, not on any of my half finished garment. PHEW I said and cleaned up and dusted etc etc. Then went shopping, came back and started on the white collars, they were looking sweet, then I put the zip in, but somehow the dress got caught under my desk lamp WHERE THERE WAS STILL A LITTLE BIT OF TEA!

It soaked the white collar a bit, and I thought, "oh well, a little bit of preen spary and into the wash with you!"

BUT THE BLACK MATERIAL hadn't lost the DYE (even though it had been washed) so instead of a crispy white tea free colour... I was left with a grey daggy black stained collar:

Oh well, it would have happened anyway even if I didn't spill tea on it. My lesson: NO TEA, WASH NEW BLACK MATERIAL TWICE and perhaps re-consider two tone garments in the future!

EEK! I think I can fix it by taking off the white collar and cuffs and making them black, as I haven't added the sleeves yet, so the white cuffs would become grey as well. It just looks too daggy. But all black will be fine!

It's my first fashion disaster! Good thing I didn't give it to anyone before washing!!!!



  1. Oh no!
    That's sounds like something that would happen to me.
    Love the style of dress though.
    I found your blog through Dust blog I've just joined so...hello!

  2. Done this plenty of times. I'm a bit of a slacker when it comes to pre-washing material. I made my 5 year old niece a long nightie that covered her toes and when it went into the wash, oh yeah up to the knee nearly. Bloddy spotlight! I get so crapped off with their dodgy material.

  3. Nevermind, no point crying over split tea ;) black collar and cuffs will be cute in a vampish way and sure your craftiness shall save the day!



    You can do coloured tights with it. Woo woo!


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