Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Packing up the house

So moving weekend is approaching, but I'm still on the internet, but the sewing room has been packed up completely.

SO when I was googling knitted vests for my honey, I found this blog:

Where Threadbanger watches the catwalk and does tutorials for you! How clever!

And this is the boy vest I'm planning on knitting:

via this free pattern, is it a bit of a challenge? Yes! I read the instructions and will have to get my head around the lingo, I've only ever done scarves (although I'm into ribbed scarves at the moment, which the vest requires) so it might take FOREVER to do!

So long blogger pals, I'll be posting from my new house SOON! (Most likely in a week or two cause I'm traveling for work as well)


Sunday, 20 July 2008

News Flash - sewing is HOT in Melbs

My mum always tells me what's in the paper in her state, but she's been quite astonished to read lately a few stories that sound like MY LIFE however they're stories not about me!

Yesterday she showed me this one - Bobbin on a reel of content - and especially with the girl from the country the first part reads like me! (But I haven't opened any ACE workshop in North Melbourne!!)

Pretty much, the Thread Den is a place in North Melbourne started by 4 girls of different backgrounds, but all trying to get a clothing label off the ground. Of course this is a hard thing to do, so they've combined it with sewing classes, and vintage shopping. So they sell their clothes alongside the vintage stuff, and teach classes at the same time!

I'm amazed at how popular DIY in clothes is for Melbournians ... when I lived in Fitzroy all my 3 flatmates could sew and crafted beautiful unique things, and when I had some time to myself, I taught myself to sew on my mum's machine.

In Sydney, it's just not the same. People are still shocked to hear that I've made most of my wardrobe, so people look at the clothes I've got and cannot fathom how they are handmade. Now, I don't know EVERYbody in Sydney, but I have met a lot of different peeps... most people buy new and the ones who DO shop secondhand are the coolest (of course!) ... but only 2 girls I can think of can sew and they're from WAGGA!

But have a read of the article if you get the chance, cause I reckon the Thread Den sounds excellent and I would love to see something like it in Sydney! Now where can I find some more free time (and a city council to grant $30, 000 to the business to use laneways etc) - Melbourne is so good!

Gush to sewing guys and gals! (Now I sound like I should be in a musical)

I have made a dress and altered a dress this week, but the camera is in a safe place and I'll have to get photos online once we've moved into our new house next week! There are boxes everywhere, but even more stuff to pack!

p.s. Congrats to Summer Pickles for her little bub xoxo

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sydney fabric hunters!

If you're in Sydney and often visit Marrickville for the fabric shops, the Remnants Warehouse has moved to Alexandria! I became savvy to the store in M'ville because I love the planes in the area, and started a-shopping there because the fabrics are often heavily discounted and still on the rolls of cardboard ... reems?? Huh? I should pretend I know sewing lingo!

Anyways, I got this email alert last month and saw some bloggers still quoting it as a good place in Marrickville, but it's moved:

A few of the little ladies on Marrickville road give you some good discounts when you buy loads of stuff, so I'll still be going there when I'm in town, but I'm yet to go to Alexandria to see the new Remnants shop. (plus I'm moving soon and really can't get anything new for the sewing room as it's yet to be set up - cry)

Kisses, Veronica

Blackberry sock!

Well, another knitting project!

Apols for the pics quality, I took them with my... new blackberry... and so here is my new blackberry cover!

I found that because my handbag is vintage it doesn't have a special mobile phone holder, and my phone ends up rumbling around in my bag like a bag of bones and I don't want it to get scratched up (as it belongs to work really, not my own thing to stuff up and break) so I thought about a padded bag (I've made a silly bright pink camera case before that's just too gross) out of material, and then because I'm knitting so much I decided to try some really small needles and just did your normal stitching, no purl as all, and I think it will suit the blackberry just fine!!!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Outfit Number 25 - A Wispy Summer Throw Over

Well, I'd forgotten to take a photo of this lovely item:

It's a very light seethrough-type material that I bought at a Sale, Gippsland, Victoria Op Shop (my old stomping ground Op Shop actually, Doris used to be my favourite on staff) last summer, and I wanted to make something without zips or buttons etc.

So whilst it's not MY style, it's still a lovely floaty thing that would be excellent in summer over a black bikini or even sexy undies! One thing I did notice with the older style patterns (this is a girls one from the 70s called 'Annie') is the drop shoulder, it's kind of Raglan style, but puffy - and it's a little strange, but the bell sleeve is just so cute! 25% through to my goal!

Knit Wit!

An update on my knitting! Well, sometimes in Syds it's actually not that cold, but a scarf here and there on the colder days is pretty cool! Espesh these bright colours!

We've got a few weeks until we move house, and I'm very reluctant to pack up my sewing stuff, but perhaps I should put my garments on hold (and the 100 Outfits Goal) until I'm in the new room and just stick to the knitting!

As we've got a whole pile of stuff for a market stall, I think I might add these scarves to the list of things to sell too!

Dongmen Lu Fabric Market

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