Sunday, 20 July 2008

News Flash - sewing is HOT in Melbs

My mum always tells me what's in the paper in her state, but she's been quite astonished to read lately a few stories that sound like MY LIFE however they're stories not about me!

Yesterday she showed me this one - Bobbin on a reel of content - and especially with the girl from the country the first part reads like me! (But I haven't opened any ACE workshop in North Melbourne!!)

Pretty much, the Thread Den is a place in North Melbourne started by 4 girls of different backgrounds, but all trying to get a clothing label off the ground. Of course this is a hard thing to do, so they've combined it with sewing classes, and vintage shopping. So they sell their clothes alongside the vintage stuff, and teach classes at the same time!

I'm amazed at how popular DIY in clothes is for Melbournians ... when I lived in Fitzroy all my 3 flatmates could sew and crafted beautiful unique things, and when I had some time to myself, I taught myself to sew on my mum's machine.

In Sydney, it's just not the same. People are still shocked to hear that I've made most of my wardrobe, so people look at the clothes I've got and cannot fathom how they are handmade. Now, I don't know EVERYbody in Sydney, but I have met a lot of different peeps... most people buy new and the ones who DO shop secondhand are the coolest (of course!) ... but only 2 girls I can think of can sew and they're from WAGGA!

But have a read of the article if you get the chance, cause I reckon the Thread Den sounds excellent and I would love to see something like it in Sydney! Now where can I find some more free time (and a city council to grant $30, 000 to the business to use laneways etc) - Melbourne is so good!

Gush to sewing guys and gals! (Now I sound like I should be in a musical)

I have made a dress and altered a dress this week, but the camera is in a safe place and I'll have to get photos online once we've moved into our new house next week! There are boxes everywhere, but even more stuff to pack!

p.s. Congrats to Summer Pickles for her little bub xoxo


  1. Hey!! U know what, it's very likely that Sydney will catch onto this sew-your-own wardrobe idea. I know I definitely want to! It just takes certain people to get the ball rolling... Hmm. Light bulb ding!

  2. Heehee I am quoted in that article! I'm the one that's apparently 'out of the closet'. Dang, if I had remembered I should have totally tracked you down on Friday because I was at your office and have been hearing ALL ABOUT your creations from 2 of my close friends since I started sewing and I love your blog. Next time.

  3. Hello lovely! thanks for your congratulations!!! Little man and I are so loving hanging out together... it is just fantastic.
    Good luck with your move, hope it goes brilliantly - the house looks great, and what a fab spot!

  4. I agree on the sewing front!
    People are shocked in Sydney when I say I can sew....but that's good for me cos then they want to buy my stuff!
    I'm from Newcastle and everyone there is crafty.
    When I show my Newcastle friend's something,they say...Oh,what a simple idea,I think I'll try that!
    It's the working class thing ,I think!
    Cute blog....

  5. I'm late to this post (just found you via Honi Design). Fear not, there are some great crafty types in Sydney, sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper under the surface to find them. Granted it's nothing like Melbourne, but since moving back to Sydney from Melb and initially feeling despondent I am starting to feel more optimistic!


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