Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Outfit Number 25 - A Wispy Summer Throw Over

Well, I'd forgotten to take a photo of this lovely item:

It's a very light seethrough-type material that I bought at a Sale, Gippsland, Victoria Op Shop (my old stomping ground Op Shop actually, Doris used to be my favourite on staff) last summer, and I wanted to make something without zips or buttons etc.

So whilst it's not MY style, it's still a lovely floaty thing that would be excellent in summer over a black bikini or even sexy undies! One thing I did notice with the older style patterns (this is a girls one from the 70s called 'Annie') is the drop shoulder, it's kind of Raglan style, but puffy - and it's a little strange, but the bell sleeve is just so cute! 25% through to my goal!

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