Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Packing up the house

So moving weekend is approaching, but I'm still on the internet, but the sewing room has been packed up completely.

SO when I was googling knitted vests for my honey, I found this blog:

Where Threadbanger watches the catwalk and does tutorials for you! How clever!

And this is the boy vest I'm planning on knitting:

via this free pattern, is it a bit of a challenge? Yes! I read the instructions and will have to get my head around the lingo, I've only ever done scarves (although I'm into ribbed scarves at the moment, which the vest requires) so it might take FOREVER to do!

So long blogger pals, I'll be posting from my new house SOON! (Most likely in a week or two cause I'm traveling for work as well)



  1. oooo you're moving too!!! Good luck! We just finished this weekend - goodness me it was a mammoth task!!!

  2. Go hard on the man vest. Love a bit of knitted vest. Good luck on the move. What a nightmare to pack up your sewing room, hope it unpacks quickly and you find everything. Thanks so much for the details for the fabric warehouse in Sydney, I'm sending my sister round for some supplies.

  3. very very cool vest!!! good luck moving!


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