Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sydney fabric hunters!

If you're in Sydney and often visit Marrickville for the fabric shops, the Remnants Warehouse has moved to Alexandria! I became savvy to the store in M'ville because I love the planes in the area, and started a-shopping there because the fabrics are often heavily discounted and still on the rolls of cardboard ... reems?? Huh? I should pretend I know sewing lingo!

Anyways, I got this email alert last month and saw some bloggers still quoting it as a good place in Marrickville, but it's moved:

A few of the little ladies on Marrickville road give you some good discounts when you buy loads of stuff, so I'll still be going there when I'm in town, but I'm yet to go to Alexandria to see the new Remnants shop. (plus I'm moving soon and really can't get anything new for the sewing room as it's yet to be set up - cry)

Kisses, Veronica


  1. Thank you Veronica, will be sure to check out this store when in Sydney next. So bloody sick of crappy fabrics from spotlight. Thanks for sharing the fabric love.

  2. ooo thanks for that! I am considering being adventerous and making my flowergirls dresses, so i will need a fair amount of fabic!


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