Thursday, 28 August 2008

Curious about your sewing table...

I'm setting up mine right now, AND for my BIRTHDAY on Sunday I was given an OVERLOCKER! I must be a serious sewer now right? The overlocker has FOUR threads instead of TWO and is cute to boot in size, but just as heavy.

So, thanks to a lovely husbie (who cleaned up a whole bunch of boxes yesterday) I've got some space on my old sewing table, and have image googled peeps' sewing tables... now, I've only come across a few with BOTH machines on the one table... so my question for you dear reader....

If you have (or had) two machines, and overlocker and a straight stitch, and only ONE table... would you put the overlocker on the left of the straight stitch or put it on the right of the straight stitch?

I know, it's not really a big deal, and I bet if I told any of my real life friends that this is the dilemma I am facing right now, I would be laughed at! Seriously! But I'm soooooo curious about your sewing table, and if you have two machines and if you place them in a special position... for ease of use...

At this stage I've got the overlocker on the left (tucked near the corner of the table and the room) with some little shelves... then on the right/middle of the table is the straight stitch machine ... and then that leaves space for the cutting board... which is quite large...


Thanks dearhearts!


  1. I have the overlocker on the left and the normal machine on the right. I find having them on the same table is really handy as I use them both at the same time.

    Here is a pic

    Although there is a lot more mess. The overlocker is a messy messy thing.

  2. you truly are a deep thinker! I didn't give this any thought when I set up my sewing room (which is only temporary anyway) but funnily enough Iput the overlocker on the left and the sewing machine on the right just like the previous commenter. Here's my sewing room in it's current setup:

  3. Thanks guys! I think I'll keep mine the same like yours, I do like them being on the same big table.

    NOT looking forward to the mess, I'm not very good at cleaning my machine anyways, now there's going to be clippings and shredded pieces everywhere!

    Hi to you Kristy! I checked out your blog!

  4. Yay! I just bought an overlocker on the weekend too and will be setting up my sewing room new like in a couple of weeks after my Dad's finished using it as a guest room. Can not wait! Will no doubt be contemplating similar questions in my set up. The new skirts look very spiffy!


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