Thursday, 21 August 2008

New home and some new listings on etsy

Hey pals,

I've moved and I've taken some little pics of some newly listed dresses!

It feels great to be in the house, and we're settling slowly into the place! Unfortunately as it's still winter, the house is a little cold, but we'll prob get a heater for next year!

Here's a pic I took in the backyard!

So I'll soon set up the sewing room, and whizzing up a storm! YAY!


  1. Happy New Home :) glad to see you back here !!

    Ps - your blog header is doing ther same horrible "red cross of death" that mine was today!!!

  2. yay - congrats on being in the new home lovely! hope the settling in goes well.. we are still unpacking boxes from our move in late January!
    will pop on over to etsy now and check out your shop...


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