Monday, 15 September 2008

100 Posts and Outfit 27, 28, 29

I've had a lot of blogs in my time, dear you, the reader. I've been on blogger for most of my adult life actually. But I'd never thought it would be my sewing career that would warrant 100 Posts! I'll have to check, but my uni blogs, my nerdy blogs and my travel blogs have never really been high in the postings. So here you go, something I've totally stuck to!

Good thing too, as I love sewing and crafting, and love blogging, when I can of course. I've set up my sewing room (see last week's post) and now have the lappy in here too, so whilst I've created this weekend, I've updated the itunes as well!

Saturday's efforts was a bit of organising and a bit of making this skirt:

It's thick upholstery type material, and has some massive 'tucks' around the waistband, so you can see it's massive flair-ing in the skirt. It was supposed to be a size 10, but my excitement in the tucking has turned it into a total size 6, maybe a 10 year old child's waist even. Whoops! It's totally one for the etsy page.

And Sunday I made these matching skirts, I got the idea from an early 80s vogue pattern, but altered slightly here and there. Think summer collegial with boat shoes. Perhaps a vest. Very preppy.

So I was all ready to get my review published on the Etsy Dust Blog when I sold another obi sash, which left my etsy store rather empty (with 2 things in it) and so Nerys has held over my review until I restock it! I'll ask the husbie to get the good camera out to take some ultra nice pics of my skirts, and get sewing over the next few weeks.

The tricky thing is that I'm hanging to make summer stuff, but America (where I'm guessing the bulk of buyers are - since I've had 5 sales and all have been Northern Hemisphere apart from 1) is heading into winter! I do have quite a lot of winter material though, so maybe I should do some preppy skirts in plaid or pinstripe wool?!

On the lappy: Jenny Wilson, Regina Spektor & Vampire Weekend


  1. Oooh! LOVE the upholstery skirt lovely... what a shame I am nowhere near a size 6!!! Gorgeous pettern & colours and I love that style with the stiff fabric.

  2. i love these! especially the first one for the color and the pattern!

  3. Hi Veronica, thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't believe you do so much sewing and not know what a UFO is, you must be very dedicated and productive (as opposed to my attention deficit disorder style of sewing!) Basically a UFO is an Unfinished Object, ie something you've lost interest or all hope in and have moved on....

  4. These are awesome. I really like the third one best. They are cute and look like they'd fall nicely on someone with big hips, like me :)


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