Sunday, 7 September 2008

New Sewing Room & Back with a Skirt! Outfit 26!

What a wonderful weekend of organising and getting excited about creating again!

I had Friday off work, and good thing too - for it rained and rained and rained and didn't stop til last night (Saturday) so thus a new sewing room is ready today! I did have a look at my *new* overlocker but unfort. I'm missing one little piece called a "spreader" (wtf?) so will call the Janome shop tomozza and check if they've got one for me!

And what about the new ironing board!? Wow!

Check out my lovely model Diana... she's wearing a skirt I made today as well. Gosh what a nice room to sew in, I was wheeling all over the place on my chair, back and forth to the ironing board, so I love the set up so far!

The skirt is a 80s-ish era McCalls pattern (I think) and the material is hot from the op shop, in Brisbane (from a working holiday in August - the St Vinnies in the Valley), and rather textured cotton, that almost feels like a raw silk. It fits high on my waist, and I'll wear it with black tights and black skivvy cause 'She's a MOD - yeah!' and even a black belt to swish it all together.

And I started knitting last night for my preggers friend; a scarf. She lives in the UK and is going to be carrying babies galore coming into their winter, so a nice neat bright purple scarf (with tricky tucky things to be discussed later once I know what I'm talking about!) for her!

Yep, what a great weekend!

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