Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Number 32 - Zooming Through the Outfits

Here's Outfit Number 32 in my 100 Outfit Challenge, which I started in January or Feb this year... considering we've spent most weekends looking for houses, and then moving once we bought our house and together with working new hours... I'm pretty happy that I've made over 30 Outfits by October.

Here's the latest pics & deets:

It's a Sixties pattern, my friend Friday's Child found for me after visiting her Aunty who was moving out and used to sew a lot when she was younger. It didn't have a back bodice piece, so I improvised a pattern piece from two separate patterns (as I've never made patterns from scratch) and it looks great! But my fave bit is the collar:

It's made from three semi circled pieces, which makes six all up around the neckline, and it's soooooo sweet! My husbie chose the fabric, and it's *slightly* see-through, as it you can't wear black knickers. And it's INCREDIBLY short! I actually think my upperlegs are my best feature, so love wearing short skirts and dresses, but deary deary me. Perhaps I shouldn't have worn it to work last week without tights. EEP!

See the back:

It's a light cotton material from my mum's stash I reckon. I think it's some of the oldest material in my collection, as in I've had it for about 5 or 6 years, but not sure when Mummy got it. She did a lot of mad sewing in in the 80s, so could have been then.

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