Thursday, 18 September 2008

Overlocker success with Outfit Number 31

Gosh, I'm so happy with my overlocker, I could cry. Seriously!!!


Here's a sixties pattern, that I've altered to suit the stretch fabric. It's vintage material, sourced at an op shop and I may have even had it for about 4 years, that's because all my sewinglife I've never known how to sew stretch fabric, and now thanks my Over Locky, it's a dream come true! This usually calls for a zipper, but stretchy stretch, and save on a zipper.

I'm just neatening up the hems now, and then I'll start on a checked skirt to wear in Melbs, where I'm headed on Saturday for work again. But I'll be able to find time to see all my pals as well.

Funny thing though, I said to a friend at work, "I'm going to make a red gingham skirt by the weekend" and she said, "Gingham?" so I said "Checks" and then she new what I was talking about. I wonder if gingham is a 80s world thing and no longer goes by that name???

Thoughts? Write them down now! Perhaps Gingham isn't the pattern but the material ???

* Doesn't Diana look like she's got no boobs? Sadly the dress is a little big for her, I'd estimate 10 - 12 xoxo


  1. Oh, no my namesake has no boobs, please stuff the poor lassie's bra or something! I use the word gingham and some people don't know what I'm talking about. I just reckon they've gotta catch up man to the crafting revolution. Have fun in Melbs.

  2. Gingham is the material AND the pattern (the check one). Well that's what Wikipedia told me anyway...(
    Outfit #31 is very cute and I'm loving all the different skirts as well!


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