Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Slouchy Skirt for Outfit #30

Yep, I just had to steal away one of my practice preppy skirts for myself. But I always keep the 'Not Quite Right' ones for myself... ie. the stuff ups! This one is perfectly cute (to the untrained eye)... but has some gathering issues and is a bit big for me... so I think it's a smallish size 10. The tiers were easy to do, but I did the first tier with the overlocker, and without gathering and 'baste-ing' first. My patterns always say baste and then stitch, and this is why.

I know this is not the forum, but I'm feeling incredibly winter fattyboombah at the moment, and I blame it ALL on turning 30. Ever since my birthday I've gotten fatter and fatter, and whilst it's prob. all in my head, making tiny skirts that bring out the rotund pot belly isn't doing much to my fatty complex I've now got too!

Anyways! I've started dance class on Mondays and will get into $5 yoga on Friday. So at least I'll feel a bit better and then the winter fatty will fly away (in my mind at least, where it's the most important, I actually don't care if I'm a fatty on the outside, cause usually I think I'm size 6 and as tall as Heidi Klum) - yay.

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  1. i'm sorry you are feeling this way lately.
    but if you are usually size 6 and the height of Heidi Klum in your mind, i'd say you are gorgeous, 'cause that's where it counts! good for you for your positive outlook!

    and, your blog and clothing creations are very inspiring. i always stop by for some inspiration!


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