Sunday, 26 October 2008

Forgot I got TAGGED!

Thanks to Bec, of Honi Design, I'm tagged. I'm not very good at being tagged, cause I never know who to tag back! EEK This one is about unique things about oneself:

The rules:
- Link to the person who tagged you.
- Mention the rules.
- Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
- Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
- Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.

SIX things... six things... ummmm....

1. I have a lot of nicknames... but my mum has always called me 'Mouse'... no one else calls me that! I think it's because I'm small in stature, but can't really remember!

(I just googled cute mouse pics, and will try and do this WHOLE tag thing in LOLcats!)

2. Sometimes in my job, I have to call people and convince them to talk on the radio.

3. I passed First Grade Piano without practicing, and then the teacher made me skip Second Grade... so I totally bombed out for Third Grade. I never resat the exam, it was hard!

4. I got a blackberry, and I take photos with my blackberry of low flying planes, and then I upload them to facebook. I have 3 photo albums on facebook just of planes. I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT I LOVE PLANES (and my blackberry).

5. I started Monday Afternoon 'Shakespeare' Class at school, I didn't believe we had enough Shakespeare on the curriculum and insisted a special class was created to accommodate. It was me and 2 boys for 2 years, every Monday. GEEKY (well the boys were very geeky, not too sure where I sat)!!!!

6. I worked as a door bitch slash cloakroom girl for a while. I made a $50 tip once!

And here's the peeps I will tag:

Georgie Love - if she's not having a baby
Claudia - who is being very funny over at her little blog
Anna Laura
The Playground of Mischief
Kristy- over at Lower Your Pressure Foot
Inaluxe - cause she's back blogging again! Yay!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Little Bitty Baby Boys

I've got a lot of 'boy'friends at the moment; newly born baby boys.

All of them are just gorgeous! And I've been thinking and thinking of things to make them...

Here's a big list of what I've found!

Little Itty Shoes

Little Baby Kimono Tops

Tshirt Hat

NikkiShell's Baby Jim Jams

And here's a few baby quilt and accessories:

Baby Soft Quilt

So I better get moving!!!

Surviving another wintertime in one week

I don't oft harp on about the weather, but I liked Sydney's warmer climes to Melbsie Welbsie, but it's just gone to the total dogs this week.

After a weekend of sunshine smothered in suncream, the week turned into the nastiest display of forgotten wintertimes! I was freezing. Freezing during the day, freezing at night, freezing at work! My Melbs Friend looked at me on Wednesday, and said 'Gosh you are cold' as my teeth chattered!!!!!!

I AM OFFICIALLY FROM SYDNEY! I have acclimatised and now get cold with any dash of a breeze. I can never visit Melbs in wintertime ever again, for I will die!

The best thing is that we've woken this weekend to another gorgeous blue sky day in my backyard!

So in crafty news, I've stocked my stock so I have NINE item in it. (I sold something last night, so now 9 things) And thus here's a mini etsy:

And I'll have to take some piccies because last weekend I made 2 dresses, both a quite swish. And one even got a red carpet screening... more news soon.


Friday, 10 October 2008

Outfit 34 outta 100

I forgot to post this update!

It's outfit number 34 and it's a hot high waisted skirt, cherry pattern material (cute to boot 50s kind) and it's up on etsy now.

I had a great weekend, making 2 and a half dresses ... one I wore to a series of Saturday parties and one to an awards night (very swish) with photos to follow. I'll finish the other one soon, and get onto the photos posting!

It's so freaking busy!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Happy Birthday to my friend!

I was on a sewing spree the other week, and here's a skirt I made up FROM MY OWN BRAIN! No pattern required.

I pulled apart two pillow cases, that I got from one of the Broadway Op Shops, and looked at them for a LONG TIME. I really liked the nautical POP ART look of the pattern, and LOOKED and LOOKED at my pulled apart pillowcases until I worked out that I could get a waist band and gather up most of the pillow bit without much cutting out of patterns. SO, I only cut the waist band and gathered up the long edges of the pillow cases, chucked a zipper on the side and YAY HOORAY I made it work.

So I'm off to a birthday party today and shall present it to my lovely birthday friend and see if she likes it. I've not sewn the little ticker things that hold it shut on the side (you know, above the zip), because there could be a chance it's slightly too big. But I thought there's an option to wear it high the waist (in which case I'll bring it in) or on the hips (in which case I'll add those little ticker closing things).

I love it! But isn't it sad when you cut up vintage pieces, cause you'll more than likely never see the same pattern again. So a bit sad that I can't make one for myself, but even better for my friend cause it's one of a kind.

ALSO - You'll be shocked to know that I'm actually updating my ETSY STORE! Yep, here's the link to it - OMG VERONICA DARLING - you sew and never update your store! You've gone CRAZY! (Perhaps I have gone crazy, all this looking at computer screens and photoshopping the leg outta Diana).

See ya, Veronica

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