Monday, 6 October 2008

Happy Birthday to my friend!

I was on a sewing spree the other week, and here's a skirt I made up FROM MY OWN BRAIN! No pattern required.

I pulled apart two pillow cases, that I got from one of the Broadway Op Shops, and looked at them for a LONG TIME. I really liked the nautical POP ART look of the pattern, and LOOKED and LOOKED at my pulled apart pillowcases until I worked out that I could get a waist band and gather up most of the pillow bit without much cutting out of patterns. SO, I only cut the waist band and gathered up the long edges of the pillow cases, chucked a zipper on the side and YAY HOORAY I made it work.

So I'm off to a birthday party today and shall present it to my lovely birthday friend and see if she likes it. I've not sewn the little ticker things that hold it shut on the side (you know, above the zip), because there could be a chance it's slightly too big. But I thought there's an option to wear it high the waist (in which case I'll bring it in) or on the hips (in which case I'll add those little ticker closing things).

I love it! But isn't it sad when you cut up vintage pieces, cause you'll more than likely never see the same pattern again. So a bit sad that I can't make one for myself, but even better for my friend cause it's one of a kind.

ALSO - You'll be shocked to know that I'm actually updating my ETSY STORE! Yep, here's the link to it - OMG VERONICA DARLING - you sew and never update your store! You've gone CRAZY! (Perhaps I have gone crazy, all this looking at computer screens and photoshopping the leg outta Diana).

See ya, Veronica


  1. Harlo! Congrats on outfit #32. Personally hand-made gifts are the best gifts ever :)

    I just finished sewing a strawberry dress for my bubba. I still can't sew too straight haha, but I say it passes.

    btw, i updated PopTrashed. i'm not exactly sure is if counts as an Op Shop though! whoops


  2. I was going to add the Grandma Takes a Trip website to the side, under Sydney Op Shops. But I'm not sure how to.

  3. this is WILD, i love it! i'm not sure how you gave it away, especially as it's one of a kind. i'm far too greedy for that:)

  4. Thanks guys!

    I'll try and make more skirts of the same ilk, unfort. not the same material! Lucky friend of mine!

    p.s. I've updated my list with Grandma Takes a Trip - thanks!

  5. Hi again,
    blog has moved over to


  6. LOVE the material sweets!!!

    ps - have tagged you in "6 unique things about me" game :)

  7. I have been thinking about making a trip around garage sales and op shops for good gear to make play clothes for my grandaughter..... then it dawned on me, I have heaps of stuff here which I was going to put in the St.Vinnies' bin!!
    It might not be particularly little girly but hey play gear doesn't have to be.
    So here goes.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. omg you are (add a bad word if you want more impact!!!) wonderful! it is beautiful :) you rock!!!


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