Saturday, 25 October 2008

Surviving another wintertime in one week

I don't oft harp on about the weather, but I liked Sydney's warmer climes to Melbsie Welbsie, but it's just gone to the total dogs this week.

After a weekend of sunshine smothered in suncream, the week turned into the nastiest display of forgotten wintertimes! I was freezing. Freezing during the day, freezing at night, freezing at work! My Melbs Friend looked at me on Wednesday, and said 'Gosh you are cold' as my teeth chattered!!!!!!

I AM OFFICIALLY FROM SYDNEY! I have acclimatised and now get cold with any dash of a breeze. I can never visit Melbs in wintertime ever again, for I will die!

The best thing is that we've woken this weekend to another gorgeous blue sky day in my backyard!

So in crafty news, I've stocked my stock so I have NINE item in it. (I sold something last night, so now 9 things) And thus here's a mini etsy:

And I'll have to take some piccies because last weekend I made 2 dresses, both a quite swish. And one even got a red carpet screening... more news soon.


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  1. I have seen this type of situation often times where I have to delay my flights for the causal reason. I am sure that taking the necessary precaution seems to be a good idea.


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