Friday, 21 November 2008

36 outta 100

I made this dress a while ago, but forgot to post, so it's therefore number 36 out of my 100 outfit goal. It's material I got very cheaply in Marrickville, and it's pretty daggy, but I've worn it out a few times with my cowboy boots and it looks pretty funny! Great rack, mad cans etc are usually the comments, as it's got that cutie bow bust line... great to make... but the material is just weird.

Does anyone else just start making things, knowing as you go along that it's just going to be weird, but you've started so you have to finish it. And it turns out weird. ?????

Nonetheless, the style is AWESOME and a few girls were like "I want one in red!" etc etc etc... they all want mad cans too!


1 comment:

  1. ha ha ha - yeah, I guess women want mad cans when they don't have them, curly hair when they have straight, long legs when they have short, etc etc... but seriously, this is such a fun dress, and I know what you mean about starting things and not finishing - had a few like that - and in my case - never-finished. ha ha. I do alot of that - never-finish! I should change the name "inaluxe" to "never finish" LOL.


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