Friday, 21 November 2008

I love my baby friends!

OK I have been sewing, just not photographing and totally not blogging.

Here's a collection of stuff I've been making for my babies (friend's babies - I'm Aunty these days to many children) and I'm pretty chuffed with the cubes the most. I didn't put bells in them, cause I could just imagine how annoying that would be after a while.

Accessories Galore!

A CD pouch, each side holds three cds, and as I'm sending it overseas to my darling bestie, she'll be able to use to travelling around, but also it'll protect the cds via airmail.

Gorgeous little softie building blocks, the tutorial is below in a previous post, but they're made mostly of scraps (especially the cord and denim - old skirts and cut off jeans) or special material I've been holiding onto. The darling blue elephants are kinda flanney soft. These are for my darling besties' little bub.

And finally, another wonderful thing I can make with my overlocker! A little beanie! It ties up cute or you can flop around like a cute little bunny if you'd like too. However not sure if little 2-3 month olds know about bunnies and flopping, but I'm sure my besties' bub will look HOT in red.

Here's the CD Pocket Tutorial if you need it. I actually googled for ages to find one, so there's not many tutorials online... I suppose they're kinda straight forward to make and if I had more time I'd have drawn up my own version. I'd have like to make it a folder type book, but this one is fine!

Ok, will post some more dresses soon too!

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