Saturday, 22 November 2008

Number 37, the Awards Night Dress

I know you may have been screaming at me silently "Where's the dress you wore to the ARIAS???"... (and quite possibly not as well)! Finally here's the gorgeous taffeta early 60s dress, it has the occasional dart, and as I was in a hurry I didn't do any facing bits for the arms and neck, and that made the material pucker slightly. But do you think anyone at the ARIAs noticed that?

For you overseas types the ARIAS are a music industry awards night, and kinda commercial, but a bit rock n roll, hency the short skirt on this dress. As it was a 60s pattern, it should have been twice as long, but as I'm so short, I wanted to show off my pins.

I wore it again the other night with a big daggy bow attached the front, it's massive. And I think it's quite a sweet cocktail dress! Oh, and it's totally a pattern from my bestie, her auntie had a clean out and came from her stash! My bestie of course being Friday's Child over at etsy.

Today was supposed to be dreary here in Syds, but I've worken up with sunshine all over the place. I'm going to potter a bit around the house, but last night I picked out about 10 un-used vintage patterns from my stash that I would love to try out over the weekend. And if I have enough zippers I'll do the lot!

I'm really focussing on second hand stuff these days... I did use new materials for the ARIA dress above and a few others recently, so I'm aiming for decreasing the stash (either for my store or for myself) so I can do a massive op shop when my husbie and I go roadtripping on the holidays!


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