Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Old outfit worn today during travels

Still on the road!

Woke up in Adelaide this morning, and donned an older item of Veronica Darling's (gosh she's good) it's an aqua jiffy dress, with bell sleeves

Looked quite cute but ate a bit of rice on the plane, which fell down the front mid flight. Had to shake it all about and jump up and down to get rid at the end of flight... but cute dress nonetheless! Cotton, aqua, palm trees, Canterbury Vintage Festival last year... xoxo


  1. Nice dress fellow DUSTer! Hope you didn't cause a stir with all the jumping up and down! Plus you have just been TAGGED - see my blog for details! Hehehehee

  2. that is a cute little dress! Love the color and the shape... especially the sleeves! =D


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