Saturday, 22 November 2008

Outfit 38 - A Slinky Stash Number

So last night I went through my vintage patterns, and found about 10 that I've never tried before. I juggle between choosing patterns and then choosing material from my stash.... to picking up material and throwing it around and then choosing which pattern would match that material. What a dilemma. Too many patterns and too much material.

But I think it is a skill to match the best material with a pattern, cause you can have some weird garments if you get it wrong (I'm thinking outfit 36/100 for me - but it still kinda works).

Here's a 60s maternity dress, with some silky (but stretchy) stash material:

That's the front above, and the back below:

I did most of it with the overlocker, and changed the neckline a bit. The pattern asked for neck facing, which would mean a rounded neckline, but I invented the ribbon neckline (3 inches wide, and over a metre and a half long) and so you can see it ties with a super big floppy bow at the back.

As the material is incredibly drape-y I thought a gathered maternity dress would suit, especially cut off short to show off great pins. It's really flowy and I might wear it to my friends 'wedding' party next month (they got married in India earlier this year and returning to Australia for a big party) with slingback peep toe heels. The colours are blacky blue on grey, so a bright red handbag and lipstick would look great!

The material I got at an opshop in Gippsland, and as it has a stretch in it, I did away with the zipper the pattern asked for! So the dress would be approx $3 in materials. Love it!


  1. you only have 10 vintage patterns you haven't used?!? I wish I could claim that, but sadly I would need a lifetime to make up my patterns to get down to that number..... Love the dress by the way, right up my alley (at this point in time!)

  2. Hey Kristy, no I *found* 10 patterns I hadn't used, and wanted to try... I have many many more... but I didn't feel like tennis skirts, or overcoats, or maxi dresses, or bikini's etc etc etc until the lifetime ends. I'm thinking my collection is like yours!

    xoxoxo Good luck with your final weeks! xoxo


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