Monday, 24 November 2008

Sailor Moon - Outfit Number 39

Sailor Moon, originally uploaded by Veronica Darling.
Here's a lovely winter's day dress... only now the sun came out!

I made it from an 80s pattern I got recently at the big Salvo's in Tempe, and as the weather of the weekend here in Sydney was quite gloomy, all I made was darker clothes!

I'm testing this blog post out from flickr to see if I like it.



  1. I think the red bow really makes it. It's a terrific outfit.

    I wanted to email you back about the fabric store, but couldn't find your email address. I'm pretty sure it's open to everyone as it says "All Fabriholics Welcome!" Maybe I'll see you there! (The Fabric Store, 27 Nov, 5pm-9pm, 21 Cooper St, Surry Hills)

  2. That's such a cute dress! I can imagine it wearing winter and every other season.

  3. ooooooo super cute outfit!!! i LOVE it!!!!


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