Monday, 10 November 2008

Wardrobe Refashion - For Life!

I took the Wardrobe Refashion pledge at the start of the year, having tested it out for a few months prior. And it's AWESOME!

If you guys haven't heard of it, it's a pledge you can take in order to re-use your current wardrobe, or pretty much stop going to the shops and buying new things. OR if you're stuck, by handmade or second hand items first.

I've bought one pair of yoga pants this year, but now I've got an overlocker, I can make yoga and stretchy stuff, so I've decided that I'll be a Wardrobe Refashioner for LIFE! It's a big ask, but I'm totally not into going to the shops for my clothes. I would always pop by the op shops, but on the odd occasion call by Target or girlie shops for something every now and again, but I get crushed seeing stores like Supre have clothes made SO cheaply and so badly. They surely are using cheap labour (not a fact, I could research before I post but whatever!) and I feel a little terrible knowing a lot of it ends up in dumpsters or whatever... these stores are just SO overstocked and fashion moves pretty fast for us females. Anyways, I love doing my small little bit to stop this consumeristic nature of our western worlds, so give big kisses to Nikkishell who's been running Wardrobe Refashion singlehandly for however long!

There's a big group of people refashioning these days, and it's so good making something yourself or buying handmade... and it's not that hard to do! DIY has gone crazy since I started, and the web is full of great places to learn stuff!

My goal along with being a LIFER on WR is to actually post my stuff there! I'm hopeless! I make so much stuff that I never photograph and I've got to get some sort of system going (I'm just too lazy to get the photos of the camera most of the time!) so hopefully I'll see you over there!



  1. Totally agree with you Veronica - that's a great commitment! The only clothes I buy new are little fine knit cardies (which I'd spend years making if I had to do it myself) - the rest is upcycled, recycled vintage, or of course, my own creation. It's a fun way to put a wardrobe together!

  2. I've popped a link to this blog on mine if that's ok? You're in my faves :) Great style!

  3. Aww thank you! I will try and stick to updating this one, haha. I love this idea - as a poor student it appeals to my bank balance immensely! :)

  4. Thanks for the advice :D And yes, I'm in the very north of England so it's pretty chilly!


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