Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A flowery skirt for Outfit 41

So here's a pretty little skirt I made a few weeks back, but hadn't finished it off, as I couldn't decide to sell or to wear myself.

I did the button holes with my new machine, and put two different coloured buttons as most of my vintage ones don't have a pair... as they're all odds and ends from ebay and op shops!

How gorgeous and light for summer! I think I will sell it, as I don't often wear light colours, so once I get some more stuff made I'll do another photo shoot and get it on etsy! This dress is entirely vintage as well! And cleverly with NO zipper!

I'm off for cocktails at my friends' new place! They bought a place near ours, so it'll be just a short walk for us. NYE can get pretty busy in our suburb, but we plan to spend it in our lovely courtyard... just Husbie and myself! Yay!

Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for reading my blog and hope all your dreams come true in 2009! 2009.... it's gotta be fine! (I'm yet to work on something more than 'fine'....)


Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Another fabulous dress for Outfit Number 40

I've got heaps of news! But first, I hope your summer/festive season has been great, and you're taking care on the roads etc. I drive A LOT over summer (8 hours to get back to Mum and Dad's and 8 hours back!) (Oh, and 3 hours to Melbs and back too!) so hope you are travelling well and enjoying yourself!

So! After two weeks in Gippsland, I've got the hang of my Mum's really easy Brother Sewing Machine. I tried the button hole thing, foot thing, you know what I'm talking about Experienced Sewers! (Remember I'm self taught, so often forget the names of things) (Why are the dogs called 'dogs'? etc etc etc)


A BROTHER SEWING MACHINE ALL FOR MYSELF! It's a mid range computie one, NS or NC 50, and so far SO GOOD! I went to the Sewing Machine Warehouse and met Lou and Kate, who were both fabulous. But get this.... The customer JUST before me, like she and her partner were leaving just as I was about to buy my machine... were just like My Husbie and I... and Lou & Kate couldn't believe the coincidences:

We were BOTH from Newtown, we were both upgrading *from* a Janome to a *Brother* and we were both buying the same machine. We also BOTH had very handsome husbands, and were wanting to hold off buying a coverstitch machine, and just use the Brother's twin needles for lingerie and bikinis. KWINKY DINK!

What a laugh. I love these guys at SMW, but Penrith is hilarious, and not sure if it'll be a regular visiting place. But still, a great adventure to the SUPA CENTA (sic!)

So, I tested the machine out with a good old dress, a 1970s Simplicity Pattern, it's the THIRD time I've tried this pattern (altering it each time to my liking and to suit the material!), and decided I'd go stash all the way... even the zipper:

My lovely Mother in Law visits the occasional op shop in Brissie and often finds me some ace zippers, I have zillions of them and LOVE their old retro labels!

The material is a tablecloth, I think I bought it in Adelaide this year, but what I loved about it was the diagonal squares... I wanted to focus on the black squares the best, as black is my fave, and I'm super proud with how the bodice and the dress bit all matched up, but what I didn't plan is the pockets!!!! How good is it!!!

So I'm wearing it right now, and frantically blogging to then get some dips ready for a little neighbourly get together!


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Tutu

Christmas Tutu, originally uploaded by Veronica Darling.

Here's my tutu that I made for the Christmas Party last month.

I bought a slip for $3, and cut it up but left the elastic waist with about 10 inches of material... and I layered 3 pieces of gathered tulle, with 2 bits of skirt (so the tutu layer was darker).

It looked fantastic but it was a bit tricky. I also sewed through all thicknesses with the overlocker, so it didn't really sew straight, sort of in a wave ... but as it was just for a party I didn't really care... I'll prolly wear it again, if the situation calls!

What I was really impressed with though is the darling glitter top. I was going to wear a corset but it was a bit cold, so I called by the thrift store (I have about TEN fantastic ones close by my house) and this top was only $18, it has a massive collar, that I will probably copy one day... and puffy sleeves! Hilarious!

Oh, and Husbie came and took photos of all of us at the party, so this is a cute room with unreal wallpaper!


Oh! And thanks to Bits and Bobbins, I made my first Wardrobe Remix(ers) O' The Week. I feel quite famous!

There's NOTHING better than making your own gear for a party (not to mention day to day wear too!) extra xoxo

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