Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Tutu

Christmas Tutu, originally uploaded by Veronica Darling.

Here's my tutu that I made for the Christmas Party last month.

I bought a slip for $3, and cut it up but left the elastic waist with about 10 inches of material... and I layered 3 pieces of gathered tulle, with 2 bits of skirt (so the tutu layer was darker).

It looked fantastic but it was a bit tricky. I also sewed through all thicknesses with the overlocker, so it didn't really sew straight, sort of in a wave ... but as it was just for a party I didn't really care... I'll prolly wear it again, if the situation calls!

What I was really impressed with though is the darling glitter top. I was going to wear a corset but it was a bit cold, so I called by the thrift store (I have about TEN fantastic ones close by my house) and this top was only $18, it has a massive collar, that I will probably copy one day... and puffy sleeves! Hilarious!

Oh, and Husbie came and took photos of all of us at the party, so this is a cute room with unreal wallpaper!


Oh! And thanks to Bits and Bobbins, I made my first Wardrobe Remix(ers) O' The Week. I feel quite famous!

There's NOTHING better than making your own gear for a party (not to mention day to day wear too!) extra xoxo


  1. It is really cool.. love the glitter and the tulle especially in black. Also love the expression on your face with the wine glass. =D

  2. It's so funky pretty and...yes, totally wow!!!

  3. Great work on the the photo...lucky you with all those op shops close by!

  4. love this! the outfit and the photo... gorgeous! you look fantastic (as always!). happy chrissie lovely, looking forward to staying posted with all of your adventures in 2009! xo

  5. oooo you look gorgeous!! you totally look like you just stepped out of Frankie magazine! :)
    Have a wonderful Christmas honey :)


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