Saturday, 31 January 2009

Awww a few new listings

Here's the proof!

A new shirt and a new dress. I think the photos turned out ok, I took them inside around 10am - 11am when the sun was coming into the loungeroom, but we have light white blinds. My Husbie (the former cinematographer) says its the best 'true' light. PROFESSIONAL! I did notice that it did get a little darker toward 12noon, when I packed things up. But I like to have true images, without any photoshopping (only cropping) the colour etc.


Well, I've got to take a shower and straighten my hair (it's totally frizzy from the heat) and go out to the pub. Husbie's been working (on a Saturday :( !!) so we're all going on a family outing with a friend from Melbs and other 'young couples'.

I kinda wish I could stay at home and finish off Outfit Number 49, but I bet I can do that tomorrow!


  1. Great pics...must be so good to have some professional photo advice on hand!

  2. Great additions to the shop, I also would like to point out your great prices too. It's nice to know where to go for affordable, adorable handmade stuff!


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