Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Boy oh Boy, this guy's hot!

I've made a few 'man shirts' for my husbie over my time sewing. The funniest one was when I first started sewing and I'd especially bought some really cheap grey cotton (very rare for me to buy fabric new) and cut out the whole shirt from a vintage pattern etc etc ... but the collar was absolutely ridiculous! I'd used too stiff interfacing I think (another thing I'd never used before, let alone realised you could buy STICK ON interfacing, as all my old patterns talked about the 'sew on' kind.) so the whole thing was hilarious! Of course Husbie never wore it.

And then I made a GREAT shirt, from a light cotton op shopped sheet - brilliant soft light green abstract lines on white. And guess what... HE LOST IT!

So after that I put a hold on boy clothes. They are pretty tricky, but in the last year or so, now that I've settled in to Sydney (and really come into my own, with sewing) I've made a few more shirts... but today I reveal the BEST MAN SHIRT EVER:

How hot is he?

The shirt is the best manshirt pattern I've found, it's cowboy in style, check the yoke and the pocket 'covers' with the buttons. And the quickest shirt to make, cause there's so 'double yoke'... um, this is hard for me to explain... but the front and back pieces go right up (to the collar) and you sew the yoke onto the front and back... INSTEAD of cutting the yoke (front and back) and facing of the yoke ... as it's kinda doubling up... MAN, it's HARD to write up sewing stuff. I just don't know enough terminology!!! I've always believed that EVERYthing has it's own lingo... and once you get the lingo then you totally can communicate effectively.

A Yoke! My Husbie was amazed that a shirt could even HAVE a section on it called a yoke. (especially since there's so yellow bits to be seen).

To recap: Heaps happy with my manshirt.

Oh.. that's right! The extra reason why this shirt was so easy... 1 step buttonholes! I love my new machine!

Hope you're keeping cool if you're Australian and if you're a Northern American I hope you're fighting off hypothermia ok. The extreme weather around the world made for amazing headlines today! I think it's another hot one for us here in Sydney, so I might trek to the beach tomozza!


  1. That is a cool shirt!

    You forgot to mention Europe - here in the UK, I had to scrape ice off both the outside AND the inside of the car this morning! :-(


  2. New machines are the best aren't they? Hurrah for 1 step button holes. You've made a great man's shirt.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that fabric lady!

    And thank you for the well wishes xo

  4. Gorgeous. And the shirt! Now, where can we find this pattern?

    Anna x

  5. Oooh I love it! But i've been looking for a pattern like this for AGES ... where can I find it?????? x

  6. Mr Honi keeps asking for a man shirt too!!! I fear my attempts won't be asa good as yours though!! That shirt rocks!!

  7. Fabulous shirt!! And your blog is great. Thanks for leaving a comment over on mine so that I had the opportunity of finding you :)

    To answer your question about the rings—I currently make them in 2 sizes. The small range measures 2.3cm square & the large range measures 3cm square...but there could be a slightly larger sized range again to come shortly (it's still under wraps!) :)

    Thanks again for your lovely feedback! x.

  8. That is one cool manshirt. The fit and finish are great. Well done you!

  9. Thanks for all your comments!

    The manshirt is from a vintage 'cowboy' look pattern... I made it less 'costume-y' though but not using stud buttons and all the embroidery they said to do... And I tweaked it here and there to fit Husbie. My advice if you're after a good man shirt: OP SHOP like hell cause there will be ace 60s and 70s shirts for guys. My Husbie likes the older style shirt so suits him fine.

  10. Oh my! That shirt is fab!
    My bloke loves his shirts.....oh my, another member of the family to sew for,
    Love your blog,

  11. Found you through some convoluted blog clicking trail I do not remember now. :-) But had to comment on this shirt... AWESOME! And you totally inspire me, I love your sewing style. :-) I always feel guilty, cuz I never sew for my hubby... he's not bothered by it at all--as everything I suggest I could sew for him (BBQ aprons, PJ pants), he just says, "I wouldn't be caught dead in anything like that". But lately I've noticed him looking at shirts in that style in stores, but not buying cuz they're all like $80 USD. So, maybe I could sew him one. I'll have to see if I can find a fabric he'd wear.


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