Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy 2009!

Bring on 2009! Hope the year ahead is fantastic for you! I'm always positive about the future, and it's weird but the change of the year isn't a big one for me, and I think I've said before I don't do resolutions and the like. I like to be active all year round with positive things for me and my friends/family etc. Nevertheless, I do like how we've changed a few things in our house (it's still so NEW to us, it's been 6 months of nonstop busy work, and finally a break to be *in* the house to check it out properly) so here's an update!

So! We were a bit hungover yesterday and went to Dulwich Hill for shopping! I'd been there before by myself, but I wanted to show Husbie the second-hand furniture store and the opshops. You may know the big store on the bend along New Canterbury Road, if you're a Sydneysider!

Anyways, we had so much fun! We shopped, got bargains, ate a salad at one of the Turkish places and got some furniture for the house! A coffee table and a desk! Husbie wanted to set up his computer and camera equipment (and finally unpack the printer) and he's set up a really neat little 'office' in the kitchen/lounge room! And it's been so much easier to get the photos onto the computer and actually blog! I hope I keep this up! 3 blog entries in 3 days. YIKES! I don't know about you, but even though digital is really great etc etc, I find the whole editing of photos etc really boring, and just wished I could press ONE button to get the photos onto the computer, cropped, resized and uploaded to the internerd. Nevertheless, this desk in the kitchen is GREAT, as I hung out my new fabrics (from the Dulwich Hill Op Shops, where the fabric I liked the most was the cheapest!) and took some courtyard piccies and am here blogging in no time.

Can't wait to make some stuff with these fabrics on the new machine! Cause the weather's so good the washing dried in no time!

New Year's Day for us has been very dreamy as it's very hot outside! We went to Clovelly for a swim earlier today (Husbie has fair skin, so we can't get burnt) and made a big salad for lunch. But I wanted to show you a bit of our backyard:

The flowers of Chateau Veronica Darling... grass things (that are ok, but a nice burgandy flower/seed thing) and the frangipani from next door. I call it OUR frangipani though, because we're the ones sweeping the flowers up every day! I love it though.


  1. Happy new year to you! I forsee many outfits in 2009 from you made on that swanky new machine!

  2. Happy 2009! I love the red/blue/grey stripey fabric. And awesome that the cheapest were your faves!

    Love the frangipani too!


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