Sunday, 25 January 2009

I wanna WRAP you up in my love... by Madonna

My friend is the new 'Green Officer'* at work... and she's madly finding different ways to use up things (materials and technologies) that have become obsolete. Take for instance the CASSETTE TAPE of yesteryear:

We have a lot of these at our work. So, my Green Officer Friend then googled like crazy and found My Recycled Bags and her groovy Cassette Tape Clutch, and asked me to make one up for her as a test! She would like a few clutches herself, and perhaps have some to give to friend's etc.

The tape was kinda hard to knit with, and as the instructions called for crocheting (I find it tricky to concentrate on crochet), that may be why. I used a thick red wool (from the stash and recycled from the op shop) and did purl stitch with 1 bit of tape. I think I used 15 minutes of cassette tape!!! Next time I might use 2 bits of tape, and thinner needles. For the zip and the pouch inside, I used scrap material and a recycled zipper! WOOOOO HOOO!!!

I also knitted a snakey scarf, for someone, not sure! As it's still summer here, I've got a few months to work out who to give it to!

* Title is not correct, it's something a little more official sounding than Green Officer


  1. Neat way to use a cassette, but a shame too I imagine some pimply 13year old boy pain-stakingly putting together a mix tape for his older hotter next door neighbour. Or maybe I watch too many movies!

    Have been a wardrobe refashioner before, but I'm currently doing the os for a year thing and so I am far far away from my sweing machine. boo hoo.

    And, yes, all your Op shopping does count in the one for you one for me scheme of thing!

    Adore the blog. Nice work.

  2. Yay for the "green officer", the clutch is a great idea !


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