Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I'm crying that this dress doesn't fit!

What a catastrophe!

I have made this vintage pattern up before, but it was a while ago, back when I used 60s bedsheets for all my clothes (I had a huge fear I'd wreck beautiful vintage materials - plus I was just starting out!). And it's one of those ace dress patterns that have 3 sizes in them. They're perfect for when your friend wants the same dress, but is a little skinnier or differently sized to you!

So I thought for this one I was the littlest size... 32 or something as it's vintage. BUT perhaps I was the middle size (or have put on weight since 3 years ago) as it fits up top, but not around the HIPS!

How devastating:

The material was a short curtain from Adelaide, I got it last year when we worked over there. And it was 5 bucks. Yep. I paid a lot for just one curtain... She wanted to charge me more too, but changed her mind as I didn't buy the lot (and she probably wouldn't have sold the lot as curtains, as there were tatty bits on it).

And so, the fate of having only one piece of curtain, enough for one little dress that I overlocked all the hems before trying it on. NAUGHTY. I glared at myself when Husbie said 'Can't you make another one?'... NO! Not exactly the same EVER!

But putting all this flying emotion aside, how beautiful is the print, and how clever that the branch makes it's way up the middle of the front. I didn't get a piccie of the back, but the zipper stitching is one of the BEST I've ever done, so am super proud of that! And once again, the entire garment (bar the thread) is recycled or second hand.

So I'm back into the sewing room again now, and starting Outfit Number 49... so that makes this dress Outfit Number 48... which will more than likely be a shop number, or given to a skinny friend (who likes short skirts!).



  1. ...that fabric is gorgeous...suppose u could split it down the front from the waist down and put an insert...

  2. Thanks Chrisy, but I've got no material left for inserts. Good thinking!

    Also - thanks for your blog post on the guerrilla knitting! I've seen it overseas, so will totally get cracking!

  3. What a shame! Could you convert it into a top?? x

  4. A tunic top, with slits at the side seams, wouldn't mess with the line of the dress or the print?

  5. Can you use a coordinating solid and do an insert???!!!! That is what I do, on a lot of things. I just love the "flare" look of it. Here's a link to a post where I did flares on an apron I made out of old jeans and fabric scraps, (it's near the bottom of the post) you could do something like that over both thighs in front, and in back maybe?! With a coordinating yellow or something?! What a bummer... that fabric is gorgeous! I think I would cry... thanks for your comment on my blog, btw... I made the skirts in the pic you complimented. :-)


    oops, forgot to leave the link. :-)

  7. Beautifully made, beautiful little number! So sorry about the fit.

  8. The fabric is awesome, and the dress turned out beautiful! I wish it fit, but I'm sure you will find someone who will absolutely love it!!!

  9. I'd say like Naomig, maybe it's possible to add a coordinated insert and you'd be able to wear this lovely dress.
    I'm sorry to read about what's going on now in Victoria and I hope your relatives are safe and fine.


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