Friday, 16 January 2009

Our first cherry tomato!

There's been an explosion in my sewing room slash guest room. I fixed up a friend's trouser, but haven't been game to touch the piles of fabric that seem to be falling over everything. I'll have to sort things out this weekend, cause even though I ordered my vintage patterns (numerically for some reason! It does however make eras hard to spot... an 80s mini dress is next to a 50s evening gown) the place is a mess!

Anyone got any storage ideas for vintage patterns? I've stuffed mine into a suitcase, they look pretty, but kinda hard to get at. Should I treat them like books and get a bookshelf? Or put them in loose folders and file them away... but there's too many!


  1. Your tomato looks perfect, well done. Not sure I can help you with the organising - you should see my work area/study! Does seem like a good idea to sort by style of clothing but I guess that doesn't work if they are mostly all dresses, or tops or something.
    Good Luck! Lou

  2. Congrats of the tomato! Look delicious :) Have you got room for a whole pattern filing system-type bookcase in funky folders by decade, look, style designer? Can I come round and do it?!

  3. Yippee!!!! We're about 2-3 days away from picking our first one!

    oh - and I keep my patterns in those magazine holders you can get from ikea. They look nice and neet on the shelf (here: )


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