Saturday, 10 January 2009

Outfit 44, not bad for a year on!

I'm pleased to show you Outfit #44, it's a heavy cotton, almost a denim-like, material. I got quite a large lot of it, so there's enough for a skirt, or bag, leftover. It's just lovely red little flower clusters, and so I used a red zipper, that zips the back pieces together. The material was a little harder to sew with but the new sewing machine handled it fine! I did also use the overlocker, and now all the insides look gorgeous and neat. I'll list it on etsy once I get a few more things together!

So (just went back through my archives) and November 2008 was when I first started the 100 Outfits Goal... I've made dresses mostly and a few skirts ... but considering 2008 was the busiest year (and most important) of my entire career... I'm pretty happy that I've managed to make 44 Outfits. 44/100 doesn't seem like much, and I think there's only been one dress I haven't included (too busy to photograph), but still... now that I've got a faster sewing machine and an entire room to make stuff in (instead of little wall space in the 1 bedroom apartment we used to have!)... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! I'd very much like to finish off the 100 Outfits by mid year... but would that be an un-realistic goal?

Here's a SIX petal-ed fragipani from the garden, it was an overcast day then, but the sun is back today:

So, work-wise, I'm back to early mornings as of Monday, so I'll have my afternoons back again to hang out in the sewing room and we've changed around our stereo system, so the cd player is there now too. Oh, and I still haven't updated the design of the blog at all... I did download a 3 column template... but that's it! After making the green cushions, I'm thinking of a green retro look... what do you think?

p.s. And Congratulations to Kristy who's over at Lower Your Pressure Foot, who's just had a baby girl. Yay!


  1. 44 is a LOT. It's wonderful and they are all so cool and pretty and original!
    Go girl :) xox

  2. I love this pinny-style dress.
    Wow, 44 garments? Fantastic, well done!
    Have you heard of the '30 Garments in 30 Days' challenge? Peta Pledger did it, it's so inspiring. Gosh, you'd have to be organized to knock up 30 garments/items in 30 days. It's my goal to do this one month very soon!
    Maybe you and I could organize a competition with each other?? Or not so much competition, as 'inspirational challenge'. How about it??


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