Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Outfit 47 - A very simple dress

On the weekend, I tried out a 1970s dress pattern from the stash, it was one I hadn't used before, and once I opened it, found that there were a few pieces missing. I always love opening an old pattern! Sometimes the former owner wrote her last name on it, sometimes there's a phone number as well! Sometimes I find extra pattern pieces, but for this one, there was just the dress pieces, without any lining pieces.

It's Outfit Number 47, almost halfway through my challenge (self imposed challenge to get sewing as much as possible!) and pretty good!

I modified it a bit of course, but my pattern making skills are a little off at times... If you can see in the close up piccie, the neckline and armholes are a little gathered (or insert the right sewing term here) as I cut the bias binding the wrong shape. RETARDO! I think I'll list it on the shop as a sample, as it was a bit of a muck around compared to my other pieces, which are more polished.

I'm absolutely deadtired after the weekend, I was pretty much on call all weekend and then worked all day y/day - PUBLIC HOLIDAY PAY* - but I'm in quite a dreamy mood as I've finished work and it's my wedding anniversary. Two Years! Husbie finished work early too and has planned some dins at our fave modern Japanese restaurant** on Crown Street. In the meantime I'm blog reading and perhaps finishing of Outfit 48, and there will be a bit of drama about that one... I perhaps am a little fatty boombah at the moment ... so trying to save it!

* ever the optimist

** small anecdote on the word 'restaurant' - after I learnt what the word was in Japanese - re-su-to-ron-to - in year 9 at school, I've never been able to spell it. And when I write Japanese Restaurant it always makes me laugh! WEIRD!


  1. Almost halfway through, I'm amazed ! I'm not an expert but to me "gathers" is the correct word ;o)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a fab time! x

  3. ooo yay! Happy Anniversary!!

    I l,ove openiong vintage patterns too. Specially when you see lots of pin marks indicating they made the dress several times. And little "notes to self" on the patterns are cool too.

    BTW - I am SUPER impressed that you're half way through your challenge!!

  4. Heheheh this made me laugh as it made me think of Mrs. O'Callagan and Mrs. Patton when I tried to work out who it might of been. Or of course mother dearest!

  5. Mother dearest of course! My fave Japanese Teacher of all time!


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