Monday, 12 January 2009

Starting early mornings again...

For some of you regular readers, I usually work EARLY mornings. It means I get home earlier in the day which is a total *bonus* cause I've got a theory that I have THREE days in ONE.

For example, today - Monday:
Day 1: Work! (Arrived at 5am - Left at 12noon)
Day 2: Play (went to lunch with my work colleagues - lovely Japanese thanks, with heaps of veggie options!) and rest (read the last of 'Yes Man'* by Danny Wallace)
Day 3: Homestuff (computerlove, gardenlove, and cookinglove - all the things I'm doing right now - see the garden love below)

So, perhaps even though I have to go to bed *pretty* early, and perhaps have no social life cause no friends are free for a sneaky arvo vino at 2pm, and perhaps I need to have a nanna nap on the weekends to stay out to 10pm... well ... perhaps it's all OK. I'm a positive thinker nevertheless... hence "Three Days in One"!

So, today I returned to the regular earlybird timetable! Hopefully it means LOTS more sewing on the new machine!

Here's what I made on Saturday for Outfit Number 45:

It was a very easy pattern (no zips or buttons) that I adapted to a top, cause I didn't have enough material in my stash. The material is some 80s light cotton, with a very bright awesome pattern. It's kinda floppy and ties with a lovely bow at the back. But check out those sleeves! I love them! I think I'll try them again, cause they are so fun and summery! The pattern *was* a maternity dress, but I kept it open to just a floppy top, or for someone wanting to cover their pregs or not so pregs tummy. It'll also be on etsy soon.

And here's a section of our lovely little garden, the tomato planter!

Turning RED! They are just little cherry tomatoes, but are quite big for cherries I think! Today I planted several little basil plants underneath. I have no idea if it's the right time of year for them, but Mum suggested that they grow together well. I've never tried it before, but I adore basil, and have had a good go at it in my old house.

*reminds me to update my BOOK LIST - The 50 Book Challenge!


  1. Veronica I love you're keeping up with the 50 Book Challenge! You're a star :op I actually got to read a few books this holidays. Yay! And I'm impressed with your blog roll...I need to figure that out :o)

  2. Veronica, what a cute smock, it's adorable!
    Your tomatoes are doing well, too
    (y veggie patch is getting seriously burned lately - too much direct sun).
    BTW how do you fit everything into one day? lol

  3. our toms having been growing for AGES and they're HUGE but they don't see to want to turn red!

  4. ...just love your positive attitude....and by the sound o things you really do get 3 days worth of stuff done in 1!...dress is gorg!


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