Saturday, 3 January 2009

Summer Lovin' (yes I love my new machine)

Summer Lovin' is fine in 2009 (I *still* can't think of another catchy saying for this year), and I'm loving the cooler overcast days of late to get the new machine all ready for the year ahead.

I tried another vintage pattern, a 1970s dress that cries back to the 1930s (am I right, I get 20s/30s/40s mixed together) with the scalloped (is it?) type front bodice things:

The material is relatively a new pick up, I think from my recent trip back to the country (there were GREAT fabrics at the St. Vinnies in Sale!) and I reckon I'll get it onto the etsy store next week. SO this is outfit Number.... 41*? I'm really happy that it's entirely vintage, the zipper AND the overlocker thread came from second hand stores! I bought the aqua overlocker threads for 20c each in Traralgon, not knowing if I'd ever use it, but even though I wouldn't wear aqua, I bet one of you lovely ladies out there would suit it!

So I finished the hemline this morning and after my Lovely Husbie (Mr Veronica Darling of course) washed up a few of our recent op shop purchases, he wanted to update our lounge cushions!

I made the orange giant sized cushions when I first moved into my 'bachelor' pad almost 4 years ago, to match the couch. Actually I was pretty proud of myself at the time, as I got the material from the opshop (raw silk-like curtains I think they were) and sewed the cushions up no worries.

BUT, I didn't put zippers in, so I think the pillows only ever got washed ONCE (how bad is that!) and now are a bit grubby and old. But Husbie really wants these vintage 1970s green pillowcases as new lounge CUSHIONS - YAY! I'm heading to do them now.

AND, this time:

I'm going to chuck these zippers in, so they'll last longer!

*It's Outfit Number 42! Wow!


  1. Happy New year too!!!
    And yay for the inserted zipper in the new lounge cushions!!!

  2. oh my goodness... i hope you have ankle strap wedges to go with that dress... ;)
    it's lovely.

  3. Happy New Year. Congrats on the new sewing machine - exciting stuff. Those greeny cushions are going to look fab on the lounge.

  4. Oooh! i love that dress.. it's gorgeous!! x


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