Thursday, 22 January 2009

Testing my new look

As I've been running around ragged with my day job at the moment, I've only had a bit of time here and there. So NO sewing, but a few five minutes here and there tweaking the blog.

I'd wanted a Three-Column Blog, and found a good tutorial online - thanks so much to you Blogger Guide! It was extremely straight forward, and works alrighty! And I've been messing around with different colours etc, for my banner etc etc etc... I kinda like the above but think a better width and shorter height would suit this kinda 3-column layout... whaddya think?

Anyways, better run and get a bite! I've got a stacks busy rest of the day and a stacks busy rest of the week! This week doesn't really stop... until Monday night. PHEW!


  1. I need to "refashion" my blog too, thanks for the link ;o)
    Regarding the banner I agree that it would be nicer if it was covering more of the left side or maybe if it was centered... Good work already!

  2. I have been wondering about that! I will definately come back and give it a go next week. Lou.

  3. I've been refashioning my blog as well and wanted to go down the three column layout also. I likey! Makes it easier to read and less scrolling down. Might go over and look at tut. As for banner I like the two font mix. It actually reminds me of a Norman Lindsay book/illustration, nice one. To me your logo looks like it could be moved down a bit. I think the banner width and height are fine.


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