Monday, 5 January 2009

A Woman's Touch

It's hot again! We've been incredibly slow at doing stuff, My Husbie and I, on our holidays, but we're having a great time! Most people went back to work today (or the traffic noise told me so at 8am this morning) but we're still hanging! I haven't mentioned, but we've been watching the ANGEL (the poor man's Buffy) series, and one of the holiday perks is watching a few episodes over lunchtime together. Mind you we've just finished series 4, so thank goodness we've only got one more season to go. It's hard work believing it, and whilst I adore the eps written and directed by Joss Whedon (Buffy creator FYI) I'm not head over heels with the overall taste of the show.


Anyways, I finished these lounge cushions on Saturday:

So that's increased the lovable nature of our couch ten-fold, plus Husbie LOVES them! They used to be old pillowcases and remind me of a 1970s caravan. But now they're our refashioned cuties. NOTE: Calamity Jane record also in shot above, and as Calamity (aka Doris Day really) says:

A woman's touch can quickly fill
The empty flower boxes on a winder sill
One smile from her and zoom
Little buds begin to bloom

A touch of paint, a magic nail
Can turn a kitchen chair into a Chippendale
Even make a lamp appear
Like a crystal chandelier

And whilst I still chuck up a little with the domesticity of poor old Calamity Jane, I'm a little more Thrifty Jane, and would vomit more at buying new shop-bought pillows. It still doesn't stop me loving the film, it's Doris' best ever! xoxo

Also, a darling friend's birthday prompted another gorgeous skirt:

I love the thick band, and I LOVE my button holes! Once again, the buttons, the zipper and the material all STASH and second hand.

I'm working on a lovely dress (for the shop) today, and off to meet a friend for a drink tonight! Gotta love hols! Tomorrow I wanna work on redesigning the blog, it's looking a little messy (for me), so wanna tighten it up a bit!


  1. i totally love that material!! The cushions look great :)

  2. Hi Veronica - thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a lovely comment. I've had fun visiting you - those cushion covers are fabulous. I love blues, greens and turquoise, although strangely I have none in my home?! How odd.

    Take care :-)


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