Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I can't WAIT for the bloody weekend

I don't like going into too much personal stuff on my blog, but my rant/whinge/sigh starts here and will end here in this post!

We live in a lovely street in a lovely and vibrant suburb of Sydders, and last night our street lost hope in our council as now we'll have 4 stories of apartments towering over our backyards. Sob sob sob. The best thing is that our street is filled of amazing people, and we all came together through this thing, and we all love our street. ANYWAYS, we bitched about it all last night, drowned our sorrows etc etc, and today I started thinking about how to re-landscape our yard to block out the view.

But work was so busy this morning, with meetings popping up all over the place when I had to coordinate all these other things and people and silly-billy deadlines for things. So obvs I was running around a lot, and (sob sob sob) my last pair of shoes from Japan busted:

I've never really had this happen before, but they make a good sound when they flip around and there were important people around and I was flopping and flipping everywhere! Pretty funny! But totally made me grumpy! I loved these shoes! I bet I could get them glued, but they're honestly on the way out as they're also pretty chipped. Now I HAVE to go back to Japan. I got these in a department store in Yokohama, my friend said "You'll love this shop" and I said "Ok, let's go..." And then I stopped because it was an entire FLOOR of shoes. Not a floor of 'ladieswear, children's wear, beauty products' etc like they do Myer/DJs... it was a massive massive floor of shoes. I didn't even have time to go to the next level cause I spent 2 hours just on the shoe level!

And so I flipped home off the bus after work and cooked Anzac Biscuits:

They are vegan for my vegan colleagues! It's a REALLY simple recipe, you just use Nuttelex instead of butter, cause it's dairy free. Oh and I think I used brown rice flour cause someone might be allergic to gluten or wheat or something. Can't remember!

But once I finished baking,I remembered the washing, a lot of new (old) fabrics from the Op Shop! A tablecloth on the right, and some weird (but good) denim ones from my Mother in Law. NICE! She's an opshopper too!

I hope you are having a good mid week, bring on the weekend I say!!!


  1. oh dear you poor things! this happened to my parents so I know how horrid it is. Are those anzac biccies nice? They look it.

  2. ooo don't despair! I have a wonderful shoe man and he can fix ANYTHING really cheaply. He's at Chatswood in the Orchard Arcade which is up right near the station. he fixes all my shoes (expecially the heels that I have ground down to the plastic bit!)and Mr Honi's shoes too.

    Boo to council. that really sucks. Least you have nice neighbours though! Ours just dobbed us into body corporate for having a fridge stored in our garage. Mongrels.

    biccies look super nice though!! :)

  3. The anzacs were VERY nice and every vegan person at work loved them! Nuttelex is wonderful for baking! xoxo

    Thanks Bec, I'll totes take them in to be checked, my friend 'knows a guy' too in Surry Hills so shall investigate!



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