Sunday, 22 February 2009

Knitting the Street Signs of Newtown #1

#1 Project Complete!

My two fave things, crafting and planes!

So this is my first Guerrilla Knitting Project, and I chose the Wilford Lane street sign cause I walk past here a LOT and so do some of my friends! I was going to sew it together yesterday but it rained for most of the day, I couldn't bare it getting soggy on its first day in the world!

So this morning I sewed it together with the help of Husbie, who got some great shots for me too!


  1. It looks fantastic. I'm sad I missed it though. I was in Newtown this weekend, basically eating my way around Sydney and it's burroughs. Would have loved to have stroked your lovely knitted street sign.

  2. yahooo! One in my own neighborhood!

    I am going to track it down. and how long is it? Fantastic! Blogging you as we speak

  3. brilliant colors & that shot with the airplane is perfection - kudos to you and your Husbie! I so wish that was a street I'd walk often. :)

    well done!!

  4. Stand Back Guerrilla Gardening in Redfern!!! Knitting Yarn is taking over the street poles in Newtown!!

  5. I wanted to leave a comment on this post a couple of days ago but it didn't work so here's what I wanted to say, not that it is particularly important : I love the plane pics!

  6. I love this so so much! There is no-one else I know that would knit street signs and makes me miss you!! x love love gush gush gush x gush gush x
    (ps have entered this unknown foreign world of "blogging", but I'm going to check it out and think I'm going to start one)
    pps we've just built a dark room - in the laundry!!! lets skype soon xx want you to see my tiny tiny tiny little man, he's growing! x

  7. Good on you for beautifying a bit of Newtown! I'm all for a bit of guerilla beautification. Gorgeous blog, by the way :)

  8. I smile every time walk past that pole.


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