Thursday, 5 February 2009

A little post to collect my thoughts

1. I'd like to make a few baby things to have 'up my sleeve'. Babies are born all the time, and I know people who are pregs all the time and I should just have some ready to go! One boy was born last week (a lovely friend of a friend!) and one baby is due at the end of March. That would be great to have baby goods on hand. (Jeepers you can see where my life is at, at the moment, 5 outta 6 couples who got married around the same time as me, ie 2 years ago, are pregs or have had babies already. Can you tell which 1 outta 6 couples *hasn't* had a baby yet?*)

Some googling time has revealed:

Make and Takes Baby Stuff - bibs, shoes, cloths, burp cloth

The Domestic Diva - absolutely everything, heaps of girl ideas too.

2. I must try and get to the beach more while the weather holds up! We went to Coogee today for the first time! Even though I got dumped (only a little bit) I really loved it! See, finishing work at 12noon is good for the beach! I've really got to make the most of it!

3. As a LOVELY wedding is approaching, I've got to plan a 'garden attire' type dress. I've been watching Mad Men like CRAZY, so I think it'll have to be a wiggle type dress like Joan's.

That's all for now! Just a few thoughts! Still updating the shop etc, reading David Sedaris' 'Naked', and working out Outfit Number 49. (And working an insanely busy fulltime job too - but who cares about that!)

* Me! And perhaps isn't ready to have babies yet? And dare I say (to keep inlaws at bay) IF AT ALL?


  1. ummm baby things up ur sleeve eh...a good thought...will check out the links...and yes me thinks a joaney type wiggle dress is the way to go...

  2. Beach smeach! it's SNOWING here .. brrr. A wiggle dress is the ONLY type of dress to wear (especially if near the beach, ala 'Blue Hawaii' with an elvis lookalike on your arm) Well i can dream ... xx

  3. Everytime I see Joan I go phhhrrooooaaw. The woman is a walking sex bomb!

  4. Thanks guys, Joan's Wiggle Dress it is! I have a few patterns to choose from, and some time up my sleeve to make it!

    And luckily, Mr Veronica Darling (aka Husbie) is quite the elvis lookalike at times!

    Big Kisses to you Julia in the Northern Hemisphere! Keep warm!


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