Friday, 13 February 2009

Making vintage for my friend

Phew! Friday's here.

My thoughts (right this second): koalas, children in bath tubs, generators, holding on number two's til the toilet works again, singing for your lost children, tv crews galore, dogs and cats, darling comedians, healesville sanctuary and flames heat flames and heat.

Yesterday I managed a little more sewing room time, but may have to revisit cause these weird sleeves were totally lopsided on Outfit #49... so I got a bit fed up, and pulled together:

All my bits and pieces for a new outfit! Which will be Outfit #50! My friend and I are gushing over the clothes in the tv show Mad Men, and this will be my first project in replicating the Joan Wiggle Dress! Yikes! Yayayayay.

We're going away for the weekend, down the south coast of Sydney, but will be back to attempt the sexy red wiggle dress on Sunday night! Woo!

Once again, thanks everyone for keeping the bushfire peeps in your thoughts. Like I rambled above, I think of a million things every minute all fire related in some way. And I haven't even watched hardly any television! Wishing you all the best, and take care of each other xoxo


  1. ...looking forward to seeing this one finished...

  2. Love that pattern! can't wait to see the result. x

  3. I caught Mad Men for the first time yesterday, only because foxtel are having a free showtime month and absolutely love the sets and costumes. I know I'll be addicted to the show by the end of the month and evil foxtel will probably get an upgrade subscription from me. The woodgrain office is just too fabulous coupled with the stellar outfits. Looking forward to this outfit.


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