Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Peering out from the gloomy week

Darlings, it's been a big week, and an extremely sad week. One of the worst. I can't believe it's only Wednesday.

You will surely have heard of the bushfires. I'm pretty sure everyone I know is fine, after the weekend. However, there are still fires around the place, and people working really hard to make sure everyone and everything is ok.

My heart goes out to you all. You can find out How You Can Help in a lot more detail, or try the Red Cross Donation page to give money to the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Appeal, as money is the best way to help these lives get back in order.

Yesterday, we got some other sad news at work, plus some friends shared with me some other sad news and I've not shaken my headache or heartache since. I'm just so sad for everyone.

(little pause...)

We worked all afternoon on shaping up our house, my husbie and I, to keep busy and to keep our minds focused on other things. And here is a glance of my sweatshop set up... some things have moved around, so I've got a bigger madder fabric shelf... not even topped up yet. I'm doing some more folding and sorting now... and may even sit down to the machine.

(another little pause)... or maybe I'll sit down and watch West Wing instead...

Please give your loved ones a cuddle and smile at some strangers for me xoxo


  1. Thanks for sharin honey...hope u get to have some relaxation time so that u can regroup refreshed...

  2. Sewing can be a good way to "empty" one's mind. Hang in. Hugs, Berry

  3. Great little storage and creative place! Yeah like what chrisy says relax... =D


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