Thursday, 19 February 2009

What do I make next? Another refashion?

Things are looking much brighter this week. Kisses to you all.

I was SO pleased with my fashion parade dress, I'm not sure of what to do next! Thank you so much for all your kind words and comments, also over at Wardrobe Refashion! Va-va-voom! I feel great, and I hope it goes well for the fashion parade. (I sent it express today Nikkishell). xoxo

So, perhaps I'll try another refashion:

A gigantic 80s frock. What a terrible 'BEFORE' photo. No matter WHAT I make now it's going to look better than this photo. I pulled it to the side so you can see the WEIRD birds embroidered on the front, and then the whole thing went dodgy. Hilarious.

I'm thinking I could still use the bottom bit, keeping in the weird birds for post modern fantastic-ness, and sew that skirt (majorly gathered) to a bodice (perhaps a 50s - 60s style scoop neck bodice) with a zipper up the back of it all. Maybe something like this dress (except not orange or shiny, and no bow) but that kinda shape.

So I went to the hair salon TWO days in a row, one time for the colour touch up (they call it REGROWTH in the biz) and today for a HAIRCUT:

And then I spent the arvo playing with my new friend:

I'm doggie sitting her over the week, and she's just delightful. Now I can understand why a lot of craft blogs turn into "dog watch" blogs and "kid watch" blogs. They are just both so cute! I have neither dog nor child, so I wonder if/when I get these I'll slip them into the blog? Sometimes I feel REALLY aware of how much I post online, and if this is a worry. And then other times I just don't care. Having a 'stage name' helps I guess! Do you guys worry about privacy and posting stuff at all? Or is this a total 90s World Worry? LOL!


  1. I've had a couple of glasses of sauv blanc, but I was thinking, what is a stage name??? Got me for a second there! I don't worry about it too much, I find I worry what people I know will think, although when I was teaching I kept it pretty dry. I had some girls come into class once and say WE FOUND YOUR MYSPACE!!!!LOL!

    That scared me.

  2. I just found your blog and I love it! I can't wait to see what you do with that striped number!

    Meanwhile, I totally understand about web privacy, i worry sometimes too. Not sure what to do about it though! I just make sure never to mention my surname, or too many details about my daughter, but my sisters-in-law have her plastered all over facebook... so I guess you just can't win!

  3. My stage name is Veronica Darling! I was saying it's a pseudonym, but my glamorous friend said it's my stage name. At least I'll have one ready to go if I ever turn my hand at cabaret singing!


  4. Really like your blog. I have nominated you for a blog award. Details on my blog. Lou.

  5. I just like that dog's smile! Now that's some inspirational shit! It'd be hard not to be cheery in light of his contribution to the world.


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