Tuesday, 31 March 2009

2 commisions in 1 day

Thanks to all my lovely friends (face to face and online), I've starting feeling like I'm actually a creator SLASH sewer SLASH professional SLASH artist SLASH awesome person!

On Friday last week THREE people made a passing comment about how great I'd be to SHOP with... and ONE guy actually said, please come shopping with me at lunch, need your help! It was funny shopping, because I actually haven't shopped for AGES because of my life long Wardrobe Refashion pledge! Apparently I have STYLE and now I want to become a stylist to the stars (how fickle and easily swayed I am!).

Anyways, then yesterday a pal (who's often on paytv) asked me about some simple vintage dresses, and perhaps I can make some for the telly show for her to wear! ARGH

THENNNN today two seperate peeps (guy and girl) asked about a vest and some more vintage dresses... I think I am TAKING COMMISSIONS!


Thanks for being awesome and a total darling, leave a message!

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