Saturday, 21 March 2009

Booky News on a beautiful day!

Today we cleaned *almost* the whole house, and sadly it's still a bit yuck, and it was really hard work! So, the active modern couple we are ... we called and got cleaning quotes ... and now have a cleaner. It's so bad that we can't do it ourselves, but I've thought about it for ages and our household runs pretty smoothly apart from the regular cleaning.

I cook, Husbie cleans up... I'm the boss of the money, Husbie's the boss of the clothes cleaning & hanging out... but the overall cleaning hasn't been very balanced. I get frustrated that I can't clean very well (perhaps I never bothered to learn) and then Husbie ends up doing more cleaning and plus gets allergies from the DUST! CRISIS!

So we met our CLEANERS this afternoon! How quick and organised! Yay! I'm also imagining all these economy things as well... we're giving dosh to people and stimulating the economy right Kevin? Creating jobs for others. You can justify everything, right?!

ANYWAYS, the rest of my day was about reading the papers, taking the dog for a walk a few times (we're minding her again! And I made this really fun toy for her!) and going to the Remnants Warehouse for new scissors (I got the second best pair, only $50 and my first 'real' pair). I also made a nice 'zesty' couscous and tofu salad last night, and am picking at the leftovers now, listening to Dean Martin on the record player!

My booky news is that I've finished ANOTHER Richard Yates book, a collection of short stories... Called 'Eleven Kinds of Loneliness' and once again it's amazing. I posted about 'Revolutionary Road' the other day, and luckily my friend has heaps of Richard Yates books so is going to find me 'Easter Parade' next. It's totally amazing and he's just so vivid with his descriptions and delightfully sad with his narrative. I love his stories and can't get enough! FYI, I'm reading 50 Books for My Library Thing's yearly challenge, and luckily there's a few more Richard Yates stories around!

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  1. I envy your scissors and your trip to Remnant Warehouse. I also envy your housecleaner. I may just have to try Richard Yates too. I love this post.


  2. I can totally understand having a cleaner! I hate cleaning.


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