Thursday, 19 March 2009

Full on Fettuccine!

Just got back from eating out at our fave Italian place up the road, and gosh I'm full on fettuccine... it was so creamy and gigantic and I ate probably a THIRD of the plate... Luckily they do Doggy Bags!

We also stopped off at Mop Project Gallery, where my friend had an art exhibition opening! He's just excellent and was last year included in the Archibald Portrait Prize (big painting comp here in Australia for all you lovely overseas types) and this is his first large solo exhibition.

His name is Leslie Rice, and my fave pictures of his is the acrylic on velvet ones, but mostly the cut up bodies ones...

(don't get too scared, think of Caravaggio!)

It must be so hard to photograph his work, because the velvet is so dark black and the paint is so sparse you can hardly see the objects. But it's kind of still life, but with a deathly unsettling (yet strangely comforting) twist.

Love it!

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