Saturday, 7 March 2009

A gorgeous morning at my house!

I feel just lovely after a dreamy morning in my house!

After reading a little bit of my latest Richard Yates book (short stories this one, and will post once I've finished), I had a cuppa tea and some toast with avocado and tomato. And finished my lovely trousers for Mr Veronica Darling to wear tonight! They're officially Outfit Number 51, cause Outfit 50 was the refashioned stripey dress I sent off for the refashion parade!

Nice hey? Husbie has totally cleaned the house, been to the gym and now is off at the optometrist so he's had a very busy morning too. It's just gorgeous outside. Now that it's noon, I might plan some lunch and go for a walk and enjoy the day.

We're gearing towards getting a pet, a dog! So we talk a LOT about the walks we'll be on with our pup!

Enjoy your Saturday!


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