Monday, 23 March 2009

It's almost like I'm building a cabaret empire...

After another vest attempt (this time it turned into a Man's sized one, but it's not really to my Husbie's tastes), I've started thinking I'm creating a cabaret empire, or a circus...

See the gaudi waistcoat here:

The material is total stash, and now there's only pocket sized pieces left, it's kind of upholstery type material and a small skirt exists in my etsy store as well.

I'm EXTREMELY proud of the little pockets this time round! But check out the little bowtie I made our lovely friend:

We're babysitting again, and have been wanting to try out the bowtie pattern I found! How gorgeous!

The vest is Outfit Number 55 and bowtie a lovely accessory to any cabaret waistcoat!


  1. I actually sort of like the fabric, not sure i'd wear it though :)
    Love the bow tie. We're having a Bow-tie sewalong over on BurdaStyle.

  2. Oh puppy looks like the perfect gentleman. Too cute xx


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