Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My shop's items and my faves!

I had a sale (yippee!) the other week, so made me think how little I do to advertise or promo my clothes on etsy!

But don't forget the recent faves from etsy!

I'm making a green tofu curry at the moment, and recovering from a big party weekend, very very slowly. I've got my sights this weekend on a very comfy session in my sewing room... of shirts for lovely ladies, trousers for lovely Husbie and perhaps a few more wiggle dresses for my new fans!


  1. well you must enjoy sewing if you're planning next weekend already!...wish i did...i can sew but when i sit in front of that machine i always get a headache...maybe i need to do some 'cognitive restructuring'!..and the whole promotion thing is difficult isn't it...

  2. Your clothes are lovely... congrats on your sale!

  3. Ooh Green tofu curry, that could be a good one for my Vegan Dinner Party tonight, Miss Hollie from Vegan and Vintage is coming over with her lovely husband Mikey! Yay.

  4. I made this one http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/14797/broccoli+tofu+green+curry

    But cut the fish sauce, and replaces with soy sauce (mushroom style)... Google vegan dishes and you'll be overwhelmed with flavour! I'm only veggie myself, but find vegan dishes so easy and great to make!



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