Saturday, 7 March 2009

OMG stop the press, Husbie just got home!

I know I posted earlier today, but Husbie just got home from the Optometrist (eyes are fine) appointment and HOW GREAT DO THEY LOOK??????????

Yep, the hardest thing was the flyzipper, so I can kinda tell what I need to do next time to get it right (like a proper tailored pair). But I also tried a blind hem (a great option on my new machine - it's got a special foot for it!) and it was AWESOME! I'm going to so use that from now on, it just suits wooly, heavier material I reckon and totally beats doing it by hand! WOO!


  1. Wow, those trousers look amazing! You did such a great job. Meanwhile, good luck looking for a pup :) I'm putting my vote in for a lab, I have one and they have the best personalities.

  2. They look better then anything I could ever do!


    Please visit me at

  3. He models them like a pro too! Nice work on the pants. And your morning sounded sooo lovley. Thanks for putting me on your Blog Roll it makes me feel all special and gooy inside xx j.


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